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14 January 2020 @ 01:19 am
All personal postings from now on will be only for FRIENDS only.
Sorry, people, but that's just the way it is now.
So, yes, this is my FIRST NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION.
And it's done.

To the people reading this in the future,
WOW. You guys are that free ; P


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12 October 2010 @ 02:19 pm

What's there to really update?

Truth is I haven't really thought about what to write.

On the side note, I'm contemplating whether I should take the job or not.
It'd be a plus since I'll learn something about the film industry, good points to add to my CV and earn some pocket money.
The bad side would be that considering I can't take anything I do for my portfolio because company holds rights and it would also be irrelevant to my new major, less time to make a portfolio, and even less time to do my Final Project. 

Altogether, I'm not too sure about the whole thing.

But that's about that.

Nothing much.
Told you so :P
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02 March 2010 @ 10:28 am
My LJ is somewhat here and there.
Stress all over the place but pulling it in.
First day of fasting for 2010, so all the best!

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11 October 2009 @ 02:24 am
As you all will know, I'm crawling back into my workspace.
Being worked harder than usual, and seriously, nothing tastes better than the response.

I thank my wonderful classmates on your input for our ideas this week. Truly couldn't have done it without your feedbacks.
PaperPlane Production will work their hardest to put our conceptual work into reality.
Cheer us on then : )

I was feeling a little insecure and inferior lately when I saw that maybe I haven't done enough for my Portfolio Presentation.
I mean, everyone was presenting their layout ideas on PHOTOSHOP files and ILLUSTRATOR files.
And all I did was that I done my homework on researching on the style I wanted to aim for, the style I was aiming for (ART NOUVEAU, YEAH BEBEH, BABITSKY HERE I COME) 2 pages worth of icons, how the layout test looked like without borders and some more rough layout sketches.
Plus a little more sugar and spice on ideas, debating on pros and cons.
But I thank gourd that it's finalized. Now I can REALLY go into drawing clear formed lines and neater thumbs instead of epic stickman on paper with vector trees and lousy borderlines, since I know which direction I am heading for. Glad to know that NOT all of the icons I've designed won't be used for my portfolio website.
Many thanks to Reuben for the insight. You have been a really awesome tutor XD I thank you for the generous marks too.
I'm glad that I get to do what I do best now.
The world's not my oyster but hey, a project with self-expression and clearly screams VANITY and SELF is the best project ever.
I hearts this class XD
(Although this project must come 2nd to my heart as FINAL PROJECT must always be first in line, on par with Character Animation)

Back to ideas, ideas and more ideas.
One month down, 6 more months to go.
Wish me luck, really.

I promise to update more of my works for you to see.
Am currently working on something now so maybe you'll see it.
I hope you like the Domo-kun for now : D

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03 October 2009 @ 10:35 pm
It's actually been a long time since I've posted on Livejournal.
Believe me, this is no easy task.

So far life has been really kind on this end of the earth. I'm glad to say I'm pretty blessed with a lot of good people in my life who emerged in my need during one of my horrible periods of my life, so I can never thank them enough for everything they've done for me: It's just really great to know that there are at least some few good people left in this world.

A rough idea on things on how it is, since I last updated. This is for you, Rae and Yin, since I have been absent for a really long time. *salutes* Sorries. Especially to Yinneh. Thanks for still stalking meh on Facebook: I still do stalk you on your blog when I have time =3

Life's been alright. May had been a really shitty month; not a really good way to start off the beginning of the new term, IMHO but I guess I sorted it out and things have been pretty okay since =] Many thanks definitely goes to my friends Jo, Chen, Ting and Chris for letting me spend a night at their place. I'm glad to have learned a few things or two from you and *laugh* I'm still learning but hey, that's part of life =]

June, what can I say? It's a stable month, I guess. Miss a few things, went for a few things. Oh, did we tell you we won the Karaoke Competition at the Anicon in Sunway? Yup, we sure did (With our sure-as-heck lack of practices XD) but it was a good memory for me. At least. I'm happy to have spent that day with Rachel. Also to Charlie and Kero and Megu, who were also there. Group hug to my team =] Nice to meet Lilian too for the first time =D And all the other people who were there who I met who I just CAN'T REMEMBER their names (Sorries).
But oh! Thousand thanks to Nyan for showing up. You've been really great support =3

July! Eric's Birthday Bash was just great. A few bunch of friends, gathering, and we had a few laughs and all. And then I was thrown back into my prison for more work, more paperwork, and more clicking on the damn pivot points who don't seem to align themselves straight XD ARGH. But all was good. I had a fun month watching like 21 times of Wong Kar Wai's In The Mood For Love for my thesis, and frankly speaking, I'm still in love with the movie (Say what you want about it, Wong Kar Wai is a genius to me XD) I learned from this team project that communication is really fucking important and I mean, really fucking important. I've had a fair share of moments, which I'm glad I have Chen to rant to, hahaha.

August! Nearly the end of the month, *wheeze*
Nothing much to say about here. All I know was that my mind's so cooped up with work that nothing, really, NOTHING else really could be accomplished at all. But by the end of August, I had a great session at Manga Class =] A really awesome experience, honestly. I feel like Saiko and Shujin from Bakuman - did I mention how awesome a G-Pen is? Well, if I haven't, a G-Pen is winsome, and that's how the story ends =] Had a great time with Chris and Tanyus before they left for the UK: I'm seriously missing y'all now! XD I love our K session: It was awesome. Went back to my hometown for a really (And I mean, really) short 3 days trip, which by the next day, my new term begins. Did I say my term break was only one week? It is, sadly. This is probably the last holiday I'll ever get.

September! War begins XD This is where my really long period of term begins.
Wenji came to visit me on my birthday, which I am REALLY grateful for (Since I haven't seen her in ages, gourd I love you XD) and I ice-skated for the first time in 21 years (not ashamed to admit it. I never really saw the need to actually ice-skate) Ice-cream cake was love and everything has been love so far. I'm good with work, final project's looking up and I'm glad to say, being a banana isn't so bad after all.

At the end of it all, I'm a sort of new me. I've gotten rid of a few bad apples in my life, and yes, that's all good. Who am I pleasing anyway? This is my life, my future; so how I want to lead it and end it is all my shit, not yours =]

So, to cap it all, this is how it's been. A really long list of what I've learned along the way =D
  • Never attempt walking from PJS9 to Mentari Court in the middle of the night and back in the wee hours of the morning. It's bad for legs who aren't trained for far-distance walking or lacking in exercise
  • Running in the night never felt so good. If only the cops weren't patrolling.
  • Friends are those who like being with you. Real friends are those who love you unconditionally =]
  • Staying overnight doesn't mean you'll get most work done. If you plan well, you don't really have to stay overnight.
  • Have a certain degree to treat people during meetings. When they want to be treated like adults, reason with them like one. When they behave like children, give them a smack on their bottoms and just tell them to go have some rootbeer, play house while the rest of us adults discuss BIG STUFF =]
  • Crying is a good salvation at times.
  • Five Flowers Tea is great for sleep. But not great when you have to get up to pee every hour.
  • Life seems much better when you have something to lean on. Literally. Preferably a someone, too =]
At the end of it all, I'm happy.
I'm going back to researching my work, while downloading lots of other work.
Quote Shujin and Saiko today for their awesome face
Danke schon

Love y'all.
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24 May 2009 @ 04:31 pm
Many thanks to my 68-1 friends on Monday for the ARCADE SESSION. YEAH BEBEH, WE SHALL PLAY MOAR BISHI-BASHIS 8D
Also, many thanks to MM68 for the CHILLOUT Acoustic Session we had at the lab ; D It was awesome possum stuff. Definitely.
A bit hectic nowadays with my schedules here and there, I'm driving myself nuts ARGHGHH XDDDD
Christopher! I won't ever TRUST you again on timings of movies~! YOU SAID THE MOVIE WAS 2 HOURS XD;;
Got to meet my marketing team mates- Hopefully can resolve things with them : )

Let us all unite, fellow DG siblings and drink merrily  to our crazy assignments to come! XD BANZAI~!
Many thanks to Terence for initiating this ; D Let's make this happen, kufufufufu.

This post is public again because...!!!
My MM peepz can't read this hahahaha ; D

I love you, love you, love you, you and YOUUUUUU~<3

God, I'm high, hahahaha.

Also, dearly beloved friends:
Starting from today onwards, I will not have any Internet Connection as I will be moving to my new room~
No moniez to invest in lappy yet, but still looking for a skim cepat kaya... HAHAHA 8D
So, blogging will be less, as you can see now. I've tried getting on LJ several times but I tell you, connexion is evil: so is a bottle of Saxby's and Wong Kar-wai films. Do expect to see less posts from now on because I cannot guarantee how often I'll post up anything ; D
But, if you need to reach me at all cost, my mobile number is once again, reachable this time : )
If you really need me to talk to you online, call me, and I'd rush to the CC for you in 10 minutes** : D
But I'd advise you guys not to call on a Thursday morning. I'd be asleep XD;

So yay.
Gughey, please message me on MSN about this Thursday thing orz
We haz jet enjin failures, ma panda-sheep-cow-squid cat D:

On the lighter note people, SEE YOU IN COLLEGE : D

**Subject may change depending on Rin's ability to wake up.

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29 January 2009 @ 03:14 am
I am begging everyone who read my journal.
Please save Hetalia.

As for the nationalistic Koreans who signed the petition...

: < Italy has more reasons to protest than you.

Note: You don't have to be a LJ-user to sign this : <


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11 January 2009 @ 11:25 pm
I am back into Spitz Mode. (Yay)

I was thinking of joining a few more forums, 'cause I'm tired of being a nomad and be committed to one.
But then again, there's not a single forum that interests me too much.
A bit sick of these 'anime-based' forums (minus Animescores. You are still my dead first love).

Where was I?
And Yusuke x Hero Doujinshis!!!!
AND MORE 8018 from Yoneda Kou-Sensei!!!
Or Lucky from Ciel-sensei!!

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10 January 2009 @ 07:54 pm
旅先の店 新聞の隅

One More Time, One More Chance by 山崎 まさよし
For non-Japanese listeners, you can read the lyrics HERE and be swept by the lyrics of the song

Makoto Shinkai has done it again. This has got to be a winning streak for him.
His book 'Voices of a Distant Star (ほしのこえ,)'' made me weep for 2 days non-stop.
My first movie from him ' The Place Promised in Our Early Days (雲のむこう、約束の場所)' moved me so much that I cried so much the whole night through I realized I couldn't sleep at all.
And now, his latest work, '5 Centimeters Per Second: a chain of short stories about their distance (秒速5センチメートルアチェインオブショートストリーズアバウトゼアディスタンス' has made me cry during Part 2 and Part 3 during the song (which is the one you are hearing right now) but in the end, it has released a great burden from my heart.
I have learned that letting go is part of life, and part of growing up.
I seriously recommend watching it, even though you don't really like animation.
Makoto's work is so deep and so real, I'll bet my bottom dollar that the cruel will be moved.
Those who are around my college who want to watch this, you can ask me for the DVD : )


... I don't know. After that show, I feel like if I don't say it now and keep it all in my heart, it'll never go.
The shadows that stain my heart, desperately clinging onto it.
I can't comprehend it myself, nor be able to express it through words.
But I really want to let this out.
I don't care who reads it anymore - It doesn't matter.

This is my informal letter to those 5 special men.

To you,
I know you are always with me. I have often regretted breaking you. Sometimes to the point that I keep blaming myself if it was my fault for walking out on you when you were always, always hanging onto that thin rope. Desperately, deep inside, I have always wanted you to save me. 'Hold me'. 'Stay by my side.' 'Tell me it's all going to be okay between us.' Those are the words the child in me 7 years ago, pleading for a savior. I always tried to forget that day, and I know how much I've tried to drown my misery away by smiling. I know those 7 years together we shared our fair ups and downs, and that we never really understood each other. We were just hoping that our fairytale ending would last - where the prince who has met his princess would ride off to the sunset, pushing through all the hardships and live happily ever after - wasn't that what we always wanted to believe in? Heh... I guess I was still young then. Our age difference is a huge gap, despite the fact we try to hide it and say it's alright, we'll pull through... somehow. Maybe I just wanted you to keep by my side... and just for once, give me a simple gesture of love. Don't tell me you love me - Words don't show me. Touch my face. Hold my hand. Hold me. I'm only human - it's only natural to want all these things, right? I still find it hard to get over you not being around here anymore - It hurts not being able to apologize to the one man I would never see again. If I could repent, I'd cry for you a well full of tears. Maybe I'm just using you as an excuse to not be able to forgive myself. Hahaha... how unslightly. This was not the girl you fell in love with, didn't you? I'm still the same crybaby, always clinging onto someone when I need him the most. But I changed a lot, because of you, and that is something I must thank you for, even though it was something you didn't expect it to be. I know that you are watching over me, so I want the world to know this... That I did love you. That I never regretted being with you. And thankful that you were my first. God bless you soul.

To you,
It's been 7 years. Everytime I meet you, I fall in love with you all over again. It's strange. You were the affection I sought when he couldn't give me enough. I was just a leech, hoping that someday you would love me. But things like that don't happen. My words choke. My chest tightens. My body burns. And things are left unsaid. You know, at every gathering, I always hoped to see you. And you would always be there, when I turn. Just when I thought I got over you, I fall in love with you all over again. But I'm growing up - I can't keep harping on you, hoping that you will return me what I want. I question myself sometimes, if I accomplished that goal, would I ever be happy as I believed I would have been? Maybe. But I'm a pessimist - Eternity never lasts. Human affections sustains as long as someone feels that constant amount of affection given. I'm afraid I'm not that type to give you that constant affection you need. Maybe I have mistook your brotherly affections back then as something I sought out which I couldn't attain. Despite the years, I am always the little girl you saw back then. And to me, you remained the same person who gave that same kind of affection and stare... I am going to find that one day, when I turn my head, you won't be there. I'd cry. I'd run and hide. I might even throw a little fit. But I will get over you. I'm not afraid to meet you eye-to-eye now.

To you,
In that short period of 5 years, we have become the closest of all closest friends. There was no one who understood me like you did. You knew the exact time to call, you knew the exact lines to say, in fact I could even say that you were my other half. But we couldn't be the lovers we wanted to be. You were a dreamer, and I... I was being real to myself. Still, we're still the bestest of best friends, are we not? No, not friends. We have transcended friendship and love, maybe even family. Our relationship is just as beautiful as it is - and I'm happy with the way things are. I can't hide anything from you... even if I tried : ) You just knew me, the real me, and that is something no one could ever accomplish in life. And I am happy. Always happy when it's you. And calls from Korea always works for me ; D

To you,
I used to believe that my fate will change. I fell in love for the artist in you. In fact, I was happy like this; a relationship without any attachments, with less commitments but only one rule to play. I gave you the freedom to do anything you want and the one thing you could at least give me was your trust. You agreed. But slowly, you grew into the green-eyed demon and I became so tied down, there were times I wanted to leave but I stayed, hoping that you'd change. My convictions couldn't be proved, and I realize that staying with you even more will kill me even more by the day. I don't regret loving you, but I don't regret leaving you either. I am not one who would be able to live an honest relationship without trust. Long distance relationships don't always work - and I'm a believer.

To you,
I am happy that you are always here with me, even until now. But our fates aren't too happy. Even though we're that close, we just never meet up. Isn't that strange? But I love your honesty. I love everything about you, even though what people tell you. I feel like a high schooler again, having a huge crush on her senior. That's figurative speech - for... how do you put it? Ah, innocence. Even though you didn't have the right words to say, you were always so kind and so honest with me. And that's what I love about you. I know that we'll never meet again, our paths just never seem to cross, do they? But the brief period of time we had made me happy. And I am thankful for having you in my life. There's a part of me that just screams "Please stop being so kind to me. That's so cruel." I wonder if you ever noticed that - and yet you repeat it all the time. It breaks me. Still... you're a part of my life that I want to look back as the one I could've said something but I didn't say anything at all. If we do ever meet up again, maybe I could say it to you. If that is my feelings can sustain that lengthy period. Still, I know that you will achieve your dreams- you're already on your way to making it come true. And I will go on my own path. And that's how we grow up.

With all that said,
I am ready to move on with my life.
: )
I apologize to all my girls that I have caused so much grief, to all the men that I have hurt throughout my pain, and to all the rest of the people who deserves an apology from me for everything I have done.
I thank you for always being there with me.

My heart feels lighter now.


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08 January 2009 @ 12:53 am
My wonderful memo to the lecturers who don't have the proper courtesy to answer emails, the idiots who are too stupid to see their own wrongs and seem to take mine like some plague, idiots who are total assholes who just don't bother to reply even though you're being nice to them and even bother to start a fucking convo with them, jerks who really don't know when to call it quits, bitches who really need to get a life instead of using my phone as some crisis hotline, and the other et ceteras in life that annoy me to the point that I am biting my nails, trying to surpress my own anger:


No, I'm not going to take down this post.
It's too stupid to do so. I have the right to be angry on my very own blog.
So screw you if you just don't like it : P

So I'm saying "TO HELL WITH YOU" to a bunch of idiots who are existing in my life... or no longer exist now.
: ) Thanks for making life a truly wonderment of a ballyhoo circus.


I have to stop forcing myself to smile despite the situation.
It's stupid.
Why must I smile when I feel deep down inside I'm fucking furious and annoyed?
Maybe if I smile too much, they'll get annoyed.
No, they're pretty much too straight to get my point.
I should just blow a few fuses and start a riot.
: ) Sounds like fun. Someone, offer me some vodka so I can go wild and crazy.
Or you can be a part of my Vodka Brigade - beating the shite out of people like a mad drunkard.
And if they do die, even better.
; D
And this is the part where I scream in agony and anger.

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